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Mar 25

Fun resources to try at home

Posted on March 25, 2020 at 9:48 AM by Jamesan Gramme

Here's some fun local history, accessible straight from your living room! Check out our Additional Resources page on the Upson County Website,

We have links to digitized Georgia newspapers and much more!

Want to see what the courthouse square looked like between 1885-1921, try the Sanborn Maps of Thomaston. The image I've included is a snippet from the 1890 map. Parents, this would be a great time to explain how to read a map to your little ones. (Compass is included in the original, larger image)

Notice the four mule sheds on the south and east sides of the square! No wonder Thomaston was said to be the mule capital.

Another helpful resource linked to this page is Familysearch, if you're wanting to work on your genealogy. Membership is required, but it is free! The site contains many collections such as Georgia Probate records by county, and WWI WWII draft cards.

2020-03-25-Courthouse Square-Sanborn