Greatest Generation Memorial Park

Coming Fall 2023, the Hilltop Memorial Plaza at the Greatest Generation Memorial Park will be completed. The plaza, designed by WLA Studios in Athens, GA, will stand as both an interpretive and direct tribute to the people of Thomaston during the second world war, both in the military and on the Homefront -- our Greatest Generation. As the park is situated in the former municipality of Silvertown, a mill village designed for the employees of Martha Mills, the “Homefront” represented in the Memorial is centered on the textile workforce, and their extraordinary contributions to the war effort.

Conceptual images below are courtesy of WLA Studio.

Also featured is the current progress of plaza site (7/29/23) and one of the several tribute panels which will be featured in the interpretive exhibit. Keep reading below for an additional overview of the Memorial Plaza. 

Interpretive Element-Concept pres
Memorial Progress_01
Interpretive Element 02-Concept pres
Textile Tribute Panel 9.16

The Memorial Plaza is a celebration in local history. Symbolic features honor the story of our community as they endured the second world war.

Ornamental Peppermint Stick Peach (Prunus persica "Peppermint") trees link to the area's past as peach orchards once occupied the present park grounds. The American Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea) trees are emblems reminiscent of families tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree during times of war. The Chestnut Oak (Quercus montana) trees are large deciduous trees. These hardwoods provide seating areas within the plaza with much needed shade in the summer. The block and linear benches feature art deco motifs, cast from architectural remnants which were rescued from the former Martha Mills. Four of the original artifacts are featured within the interpretive exhibit. 

The plaza serves as a haven for those seeking a quiet interlude to pause, reflect, and remember the sacrifices and great mettle of our Greatest Generation.