Office of the Tax Commissioner


The Upson County Tag and Tax office lobby is temporarily closed to the public due to the rise in Covid-19 cases in our community. However, we are fully staffed and capable to handle all transactions by phone between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:45 pm, Monday through Friday until further notice. Our phone number is 706-647-8931.  We encourage our customers to use our online services for tag renewal and property tax payments, which can be accessed on this page under Quick Links, or mail your renewals to the address indicated on the renewal form. Thanks to all of our customers for your patience, understanding, and consideration during this time of concern in our community.

Tax Commissioner

The County Tax Commissioner is a Constitutional Elected Officer elected by the voters of their county to serve a four year term. The duties and responsibilities of this office are many and varied, but our main function is to serve you, the citizens of our community.


The County Tax Commissioner is the official responsible for:

  • Performing all functions relating to billing, collecting, disbursing, and accounting for all ad valorem taxes collected in this county
  • Receiving and processing applications for homestead exemptions
  • Receiving tax returns filed by tax payers or designating the board of tax assessors to receive them
  • Serving as agent of the state revenue commissioner for the registration of motor vehicles